Sunday, April 14, 2024

Spring Break 2024


Spring Break 2024 was one for the books! We rented a RV for the week and cruised around Nevada, Arizona, and Utah. There's so much magic, majesty, and mystery in this part of the country. 

We managed to do quite a lot with two 7 year olds in tow. I think everyone's favorite day was renting e-bikes and biking through Zion National Park. We biked straight to a stable where we then rode horses along a beautiful trail beneath giant canyons. Truly epic!

We did have to cancel our plans for Bryce National Park due to snow, so that remains on our list of places and parks to check out. If camping and RV living taught us anything, it was how to be flexible and open to change!

Look forward to more adventures and exploring in years to come.

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