Wednesday, July 29, 2020

General Update

Time has simultaneously flown by and stood still. The only update I have is that we spent two glorious weeks at the beach earlier this month. It felt great to get out of our house and establish a new routine of swimming in the bay, naps, and outdoor showers. Hoping to get back there one more time before school starts (god willing) at the end of August. 

I'm not finding these days to be any easier. It's hot and we're all at our breaking point. Courtney Martin's latest enewsletter helped me feel a bit more understood:
I’ve been sad a lot in this strange season, and I find myself saying to people, “I just feel really depleted,” and blame it on the endless childcare smacked up against work. That’s true, but in my heart I know it’s something else, too. It’s physical exhaustion mixed with a floating, intermittent sadness, the depths of which I’ve rarely touched before. Grief: sometimes attached to a particular thing—specific, finite—but more often like a fog that moves through me and around me. Such deep disappointment about what is and what might be. Enveloping. Ineffable. But no less real.

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