Wednesday, October 5, 2016


I hit 37 weeks this past Sunday. A huge milestone! My induction date has been set for this coming Sunday, that is, if these girls decide not to arrive before. Either way, I'm thrilled and grateful to have made it this far carrying twins. 

I've been lucky enough to work from home which allows me to be as comfortable as I can at this stage. My nesting has morphed into more personal to-dos like baking (lactation cookies anyone?), Netflix, and reading. I'm bound and determined to finish this book before the babies come.

Despite walking around the house in a tank top and shorts, today finally feels like a true fall day - crisp and cool. I'm excited to welcome my little Libras to this amazing and beautiful time of year!


  1. not long now. happy anniversary.

  2. Agreed! What an amazing time of year to welcome them to the world. And strolling around C-ville will be wonderful. So excited for you!