Friday, February 13, 2015

Time Spent

Let me be the one millionth person to tell you that time is a gift. It's offered to us every daggum day and lately, I've been guilty of majorly wasting it. I have technology (and maybe winter?) to thank for that. 

This post, thankfully, made me question how I spend my days. Errr, looking at Instagram, watching Netflix, reading blogs. Bad, I know.

I like what she says about keeping time. Receiving time. I need to start thinking of it this way and cultivate better habits. Power down, live it in the moment, look people in the eye, have real conversations, be silent. Could do us all a whole lot of good.

I believe we are built to navigate the delicate balance of precisely what we have been given. I believe we have been created to walk the path we are on. I believe we are offered time – is it always enough? or is it just enough? – for today.

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