Monday, December 2, 2013

Humans of New York, Part Two

"I've got a whole stack of books in my cart. Most of them are advance copies. I know a place where they get thrown out."
"How many books have you read?"
"So why are you homeless?"
"I've tried to work a job a bunch of times. But then I get sad, and then I get high, and things fall apart."

"Make sure you get the hat. I'm all about the hat."

"I came from China one year ago."
"What's been your lowest moment since arriving?"
"No one moment. Just nights alone, not with parents, not with friends, sitting in room, thinking about nothing, smoking cigarettes."

I blogged about this site awhile back. It's since become a book. I enjoy following his Facebook page where he posts daily about the folks he meets on the streets of New York. There's something beautiful about the not-so-glamorous. 

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