Friday, July 19, 2013

The Crash Reel

We watched The Crash Reel last night which follows pro snowboarder Kevin Pearce before, during, and after his traumatic brain injury. The word I keep using to describe the film is heavy. I found it difficult to watch at times and was left feeling both uplifted and heartbroken. The director, Lucy Walker, doesn't hold back from really examining high-risk sports and the injuries associated with them. I'm clearly unsettled by it all because I've spent the morning reading articles and stories on TBIs. Message received!


  1. can't stop thinking about this movie! so gooood!

  2. I heard a great interview with him a few weeks back - here's the link if you're interested:
    Just catching up on your blog - so much green goodness - your pal who's hiking the Appalachian Trail is inspiring. Best, Annie x